Structure of courts

Supreme Court
The Supreme Court as stipulated in Article 141 of the Constitution is the highest authority for the administration of justice in the Maldives. The Supreme Court is the highest authority for the interpretation, protection and enforcement of the Constitution, and also plays a critical role in the administration of the court system. Its constitutional mandate is to protect the fundamental rights of all citizens, to resolve legal disputes in a fair and transparent manner, and to ensure justice through an independent, honest, and effective judicial system. There are 5 sitting justices in the Supreme Court.

High Court
The High Court of the Maldives comprises of 11 judges. If a ruling of a lower court has been appealed to the High Court, the High Court has the power to review the decision of the lower court to check the constitutional and legal validity of the decision and to overturn such a decision. The High Court also has the jurisdiction to enquire into and rule on the constitutional validity of any Law or part of a Law.

Subordinate Courts

The subordinate courts of the Maldives are the five superior courts, which is based in Malé and the magistrate courts in each inhabited island.
The five superior courts situated in Male are:
  o the Criminal Court
  o the Civil Court
  o the Family Court
  o the Juvenile Court
  o the Drug Court

• Magistrate courts are located in each inhabited island. Presently there are 132 sitting Magistrates in 187 Magistrate Courts in the country.