Justice Honorable Dr. Azmiralda Zahir

Justice of Supreme Court since 04th September 2019

Dr. Azmiralda Zahir was born to K. Male’ on 19th July 1979. She has completed her L.L.B Honors from the University of Cardiff (United Kingdom) and L.L.M Degree from the University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom). Afterwards, she completed her PhD in International Intellectual Property Law from the University of Exeter (United Kingdom). Dr. Azmiralda Zahir was appointed as a justice of the Supreme Court on 4th September 2019.

On July 1999, Dr. Azmiralda Zahir obtained her license to practice law in the courts of the Maldives. In 2001 she worked in the legal section of Male’ Municipality and from 2002 to 2007 she worked at the Maldives Law Commission which was overseen by the Attorney General’s Office. During that time, Dr. Azmiralda worked on drafting bills to be summited to Parliament. In 2009, she joined the Maldives College of Higher Education and subsequently held the post of the Dean of the Faculty of Shariah and Law.

On 26th March 2011, Dr. Azmiralda was appointed as a judge of the High Court, where she became the first female judge to be appointed to an appellate court. In 2015, she was appointed to the Southern Branch of the High Court. Following her resignation, Dr. Azmiralda was engaged in private practice, until her appointment to the Supreme Court bench.